Washington Glass King is a preferred and approved auto glass vendor with all major insurance companies.  In order to become a preferred vendor we have been required to complete rigorous training and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.  We work directly with each insurance provider on your behalf to complete the claim process.  Washington State law gives you the “Right to Choose”. When you choose Washington Glass King, you can be assured of our quality service within your insurance company’s guidelines.



Washington Glass King stands behind their work by offering a limited lifetime warranty on repairs and the installation of replacement glass for as long as you own the vehicle.

Auto Glass Warranty

This warranty is limited to defects in material or workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle in which the glass was repaired or installed, so long as such defects are brought to the attention of Washington Glass King within 30 days of discovery of a defect. If we are unable to repair the warranted product, or correct the defective workmanship, we will replace your glass at no charge.  This warranty applies to wind and water leaks, loose moldings, some types of stress cracks and distortion or manufacturing defects in the glass.

Washington Glass King guarantees a repaired windshield will not crack further or we will credit the cost of the repair toward a replacement. However, in some cases, the repair process can result in the chip or crack becoming larger, and we are not responsible for such damage. If you are dissatisfied with the repair, we will credit the cost of the repair toward replacement. This credit will be issued to the party that was responsible for the initial payment. In the event your deductible was waived for the windshield repair, you will be required to pay any applicable deductible for a windshield replacement and your insurance company will receive credit for the cost of the repair.

In order to exercise your rights under this warranty, we will require evidence of installation by Washington Glass King, such as a copy of the invoice. All warranty work must be completed at our shop.  Washington Glass King makes no other warranties of any kind.

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty does not cover leaks, stress cracks, or related damage resulting from vandalism, auto accidents, impact with foreign objects, vehicle body damage or rust deterioration. Washington Glass King will use reasonable efforts to advise you of the existence of such damage or rust prior to removal of existing glass; however, this may not be possible. In these cases, Washington Glass King is not responsible for any associated damage.  In addition, damage not involving defective workmanship or materials is expressly excluded from coverage under this warranty. Electrical, or mechanical components, moving parts or motors, or other non-glass components are only covered for the length of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Any repair or attempt to repair the automotive glass by anyone other than Washington Glass King automatically voids this limited warranty. Any oral or written statement concerning the automotive glass install inconsistent with this limited warranty shall be of no force.


Washington Glass King's maximum liability under this warranty shall be limited to the purchase price of the product.

In the event that damage occurs to your vehicle during the installation process, Washington Glass King reserves the right to choose their preferred repair facility to estimate and complete repairs.  If at fault, Washington Glass King will not be responsible for the cost of repairs completed by any other facility without prior authorization.

Our team has decades of experience in the auto glass industry.  This provides us with a unique advantage over other auto glass companies because we know how to deal with common repair and replacement issues and how to handle difficult installs.  Our expertise, in-depth knowledge and hands-on skill gained over the course of more than 50 years in the automotive glass industry becomes evident to our customers on each install and repair we complete.  



The most significant difference in a quality windshield vs. an inferior brand is the clarity in the glass and the way it fits in the vehicle.

Have you ever looked through a piece of glass that seemed wavy or distorted? Has your vision ever been effected when looking through a piece of glass that isn't entirely clear? We've talked to countless clients that have had the experience of purchasing a poorly manufactured windshield (from another glass shop) and they are always surprised and happy to learn that they actually have a choice in the brand of auto glass that gets put into their car or truck. Auto glass that fits incorrectly can cause air noise and water leaks and can lead to damage and safety issues.

We are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. In order to provide the best service we must also use the highest quality parts and bonding agents.

Sika is a worldwide leader in quality bonding agents used by many vehicle manufacturers themselves. For this reason we at Washington Glass King have designated Sika to be our official bonding agent.

PPG and Pilkington are both industry leaders in replacement glass and are the only manufacturers used by Washington Glass King.

Because of our concern for safety, our convenient service, and our commitment to quality, its no wonder why so many insurance companies and body shops rely on us.



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